116 songs*


The 88

  • Community (At Least It Was Here)


Alabama 3

  • The Sopranos (Woke Up This Morning)

Alan Thicke, Al Burton & Gloria Loring

  • Diff'rent Strokes (It Takes Diff'rent Strokes)

The Allman Brothers Band

  • Top Gear (Jessica)


Barenaked Ladies

  • The Big Bang Theory

Barry De Vorzon

  • S.W.A.T.

Billy Idol

  • Booker (Hot In The City)

B.J. Thomas & Jennifer Warnes

  • Growing Pains (As Long As We Got Each Other)

Bob James

  • Taxi (Angela)

Boyce And Hart

  • The Monkees



  • Chuck (Short Skirt/Long Jacket)

Charles Albertine, Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart

  • Days Of Our Lives

Cheap Trick

  • That 70's Show (In The Street)

The Crystal Method

  • Bones

Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers

  • Sons Of Anarchy (This Life)

Cynthia Fee

  • The Golden Girls (Thank You For Being A Friend)


Dan Foliart & Howard Pearl

  • Roseanne

Danny Elfman

  • Desperate Housewives

Danny Lux

  • Boston Legal

Darling Violetta

  • Angel (Catharsis Of Sufferance)

Dave Grusin

  • St. Elsewhere

Dave Porter

  • Breaking Bad

David Kahn, Melvyn Leonard & Mort Greene

  • Leave It To Beaver (The Toy Parade)

David Schwartz

  • Deadwood

Douglas J. Cuomo & Tom Findlay

  • Sex And The City


Earle Hagen

  • I Spy

Earle Hagen & Herbert W. Spencer

  • The Andy Griffith Show (The Fishin' Hole)

Edd Kalehoff

  • The Price Is Right

Edwin Astley

  • The Adventures Of Robin Hood

Eliot Daniel

  • I Love Lucy


Foo Fighters

  • Ed (Next Year)

Frances Williams

  • As Time Goes By

Frank Sinatra

  • Married... With Children (Love And Marriage)

Fred Rogers

  • Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (Won't You Be My Neighbor?)

The Friendly Indians

  • Psych (I Know You Know)


Gary Portnoy

  • Punky Brewster (Every Time I Turn Around)

Gavin DeGraw

  • One Tree Hill (I Don't Want To Be)

Glen A. Larson & Stu Phillips

  • Knight Rider


Hank Williams Jr.

  • Monday Night Football (All My Rowdy Friends Are Here On Monday Night)

Holly Robinson

  • 21 Jump Street

Howard Greenfield & Jack Keller

  • Bewitched

Hugo Montenegro & Buddy Kaye

  • I Dream Of Jeannie (Jeannie)


Inner Circle

  • COPS (Bad Boys)


Jack Jones

  • The Love Boat

Jan Hammer

  • Miami Vice (Miami Vice Theme)

Jane's Addiction

  • Entourage (Superhero)

Jay Ferguson

  • The Office

Jay Livingston & Ray Evans

  • Bonanza

Jeff Richmond

  • 30 Rock

Jerrold Immel

  • Dallas

Jim Haas

  • Happy Days

Jim Henson & Sam Pottle

  • The Muppet Show (The Muppet Show Theme)

Jimi Jamison

  • Baywatch (I'm Always Here)

Joe Raposo, Jon Stone & Bruce Hart

  • Sesame Street (Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street?)

Joel Goldsmith

  • Stargate SG-1

Joey Scarbury

  • The Greatest American Hero (Believe It Or Not)

John Dickson

  • Burn Notice

John E. Davis

  • Beverly Hills, 90210

John Philip Sousa

  • Monty Python's Flying Circus (The Liberty Bell)

Johnny Mandel & Mike Altman

  • M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless)

Jonathan Wolff

  • Seinfeld

Julian Gingell, Barry Stone & Cathy Dennis

  • American Idol


Katsuo Ono

  • Case Closed


Lalo Schifrin

  • Mannix
  • Mission Impossible

Lazlo Bane

  • Scrubs (Superman)

Linda Laurie

  • Land Of The Lost


  • Jersey Shore (Get Crazy)

Lyle Spud Murphy

  • The Three Stooges


Massive Attack

  • House (Teardrop)

Merv Griffin

  • Jeopardy! (Think Music)

Michael Giacchino

  • Lost

Mike Post

  • Hill Street Blues
  • Law & Order
  • Quantum Leap

Mike Post & Pete Carpenter

  • The A-Team

Miklós Rózsa

  • Dragnet (Danger Ahead)


  • Jackass (Corona)

Miranda Cosgrove & Drake Bell

  • iCarly (Leave It All To Me)


Neal Hefti

  • Batman

Neil Sutherland

  • MythBusters

Nelson Riddle

  • Route 66


  • NCIS



  • The Royle Family (Half The World Away)


The Partridge Family

  • The Partridge Family (C'mon, Get Happy)

Paul Anka

  • The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

Paula Cole

  • Dawson's Creek (I Don't Want To Wait)

Peppermint Trolley Company

  • The Brady Bunch

Phantom Planet

  • The O.C. (California)


  • Grey's Anatomy (Cosy In The Rocket)


Quincy Jones

  • Ironside
  • Sanford And Son (The Streetbeater)


Ramin Djawadi

  • Prison Break

Randy Newman

  • Monk (It's A Jungle Out There)

Ray Colcord

  • Boy Meets World

The Rembrandts

  • Friends (I'll Be There For You)

Remy Zero

  • Smallville (Save Me)

Richard Mack

  • I Married Joan


  • Mad Men (A Beautiful Mine)

Rolfe Kent

  • Dexter

Ron Grainer

  • Doctor Who


Sean Callery

  • 24

Sherwood Schwartz, George Wyle & Gerald Fried

  • It's About Time

Sonny Rhodes

  • Firefly (The Ballad Of Serenity)

Stan Worth & Sheldon Allman

  • Tom Slick

Stewart Copeland

  • The Equalizer

Sylvester Levay

  • Airwolf


Thomas Newman

  • Six Feet Under

Tim Truman

  • Melrose Place

Tom Scott

  • Starsky & Hutch (Gotcha)


  • Gossip Girl (Steps Of The Met)


Vic Mizzy

  • The Addams Family


The Wellingtons

  • Gilligan's Island (The Ballad Of Gilligan's Isle)

Wendy Melvoin & Lisa Coleman

  • Heroes

The Who

  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Who Are You)

Will Smith

  • The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (Yo Home To Bel-Air)


True Blood - Bad Things

Twelve O'Clock High - Twelve O'Clock High

The Twilight Zone - The Twilight Zone

Twin Peaks - Twin Peaks Theme

Two and a Half Men - Two and a Half Men


The Virginian - The Virginian

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea - Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea


Wagon Train

Walker, Texas Ranger - Walker, Texas Ranger

The Walking Dead - The Walking Dead

Weeds - Little Boxes

The West Wing - The West Wing

Wheel of Fortune - Wheel of Fortune

What's Happening!! - What's Happening!!

Who's The Boss - Who's the Boss

The Wire - Way Down in the Hole

WWE Raw - Burn It to the Ground


The X-Files - The X-Files Theme