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SongPop features a special playlist for this group, titled Duran Duran.

Songs by this group feature on the following SongPop playlists:


Studio Albums:

Duran Duran (1981)Edit

Duran Duran - Duran Duran

Original Release

  • Anyone Out There
  • Careless Memories
  • Girls On Film
  • Planet Earth

1983 US Re-Release

  • Is There Something I Should Know?

Rio (1982)Edit

Duran Duran - Rio
  • Hold Back The Rain
  • Hungry Like The Wolf
  • Last Chance On The Stairway
  • Lonely In Your Nightmare
  • New Religion
  • Rio
  • Save A Prayer

Seven And The Ragged Tiger (1983)Edit

Duran Duran - Seven And The Ragged Tiger

Standard Edition

  • New Moon On Monday
  • The Reflex
  • The Seventh Stranger
  • Union Of The Snake

Box-Set Edition Bonus Tracks

Arena (1984) [Live Album]Edit

  • The Wild Boys

A View To A Kill (1985) [Soundtrack Album] [with Various Artists]Edit

  • A View To A Kill

Notorious (1986)Edit

Duran Duran - Notorious
  • A Matter Of Feeling
  • Notorious
  • Skin Trade

Big Thing (1988)Edit

Duran Duran - Big Thing
  • Big Thing
  • I Don't Want Your Love
  • All She Wants Is
  • Too Late Marlene
  • Drug (It's Just a State of Mind)
  • Do You Believe in Shame?
  • Palomino
  • Interlude One
  • Land
  • Flute Interlude
  • The Edge of America
  • Lake Shore Driving

Liberty (1990)Edit

Duran Duran - Liberty

Standard Edition

Japanese Edition Bonus Tracks

Duran Duran (The Wedding Album) (1993)Edit

Duran Duran - Duran Duran (The Wedding Album)

Standard Edition

  • Come Undone
  • Ordinary World

Japanese/UK Tour Edition Bonus Tracks

UK Tour Edition Bonus Track

Thank You (1995)Edit

Duran Duran - Thank You

Standard Edition

  • Lay Lady Lay [Cover of Bob Dylan]
  • Perfect Day [Cover of Lou Reed]

Japanese Edition Bonus Track

Medazzaland (1997)Edit

Duran Duran - Medazzaland

Standard Edition

  • Electric Barbarella

Japanese Edition Bonus Track

The Essential Collection (2000) [Compilation Album]Edit

Pop Trash (2000)Edit

Duran Duran - Pop Trash

Standard Edition

International Edition Bonus Tracks

Astronaut (2004)Edit

Duran Duran - Astronaut

Standard Edition

  • What Happens Tomorrow

Japanese Edition Bonus Track

Red Carpet Massacre (2007)Edit

Duran Duran - Red Carpet Massacre

Standard Edition

  • Falling Down [Ft. Justin Timberlake]

iTunes/Japanese Edition Bonus Track

All You Need Is Now (2011)Edit

Duran Duran - All You Need Is Now

Standard Edition

  • All You Need Is Now
  • Girl Panic!

US/UK Edition Bonus Track

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