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No. 1 Hits 1970s-2000s 80's Legends Music TV Hits 86-90
BadGirls 80's One Hit Wonders New Wave
1970s-80s Rock 80s Pop Divas Nostalgia 1970's - 90's
1980's No. 1 Hits! 80's Pop Workout! Nostalgia 1980's-90's
1980's Soft Pop 80's Pop! One Hit Wonders:1970's-80's
50s-80s Movie Song Awards 80's R&B Pole Dancing Workout
70's & 80's Heartthrob 80's Rock Rock Brasil Anos 80
70's-80's Supergroups 80's Rock Ballads Rock Classics
70s-80s Hard Rock 80's Rock: Deep Cuts Rock en Espanol 70s-80s
70s-80s Punk 80's Synth Pop Shortest Pop Songs
70's-90's Jukebox 80s Thrash Metal Songs They Sampled
70's-90's Rock 80's TV Themes Summers 1980-85
80er 80's-90's Freestyle Summers 85-90
80's Alternative Rock 80s-90s Beach Party Top 100 Songs of All Time
80's Breakup Songs 80s-90s Hip Hop Top 50 Female Singers
80's British Invasion 80s-90s Party Starters Top Hits 1980
80's Collection 80s-90s Radio Top Hits 1981
80's Collection (AU) Alternative 80-90s Top Hits 1982
80's Collection (CA) Années 80 Top Hits 1984
80's Collection (UK) Best 80's Albums Top Hits 1985
80's Collection (US) Best 80's Ballads Top Hits 1986
80's Country Best 80's Covers Top Hits 1988
80's Dance Hits Best 80's Videos Top Hits 1989
80's Dance Party Casey's Best of the 80s Training Montage
80's Deep Cuts Cheesy 80's Fun Worst 80's Songs
80's Electro Dance Cheesy Love Songs Billy Joel
80's Flashback Christmas 60s-80s Bruce Springsteen
80's Guilty Pleasures Década de 80 CharlieWilson

80's Hairbands

Decadas 80-90 Duran Duran
80's Hard Rock Decades 1970-80s Huey Lewis & The News
80's Jukebox Decades 60s-90s Janet Jackson
80's Lost Love Ballads Decades 80's-90's Kiss
80s Love Ballads Early 80's Nostalgia Michael Jackson
80s Love Songs Etes 85-90 Queen: The Complete Collection (Playlist)
80's Love Songs (UK) Forgotten 80's Queen: The Greatest Hits (Playlist)
80's Mixtape Love Songs Greatest Guitar Solos The Rolling Stones
80's Movie Songs I Love the 80's
80's Music Expert Love Stinks!
80's New Wave Men of 80's Pop
80's Night Out Music TV 81-85

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